3 Tips to increase your online sales this Christmas

Christmas stocking fillers, deadline delivery dates and specific product titles & descriptions

Instead of using your normal categories - e.g. Sports or Wine, we've set up a Seasonal Categories with Halloween, Christmas and best of all, Christmas Stocking Fillers. This alone will increase your Google rank. If you have any Stocking Filler Gifts or ideas, make sure to add them into this category as well as your primary category such as Sports or Wine, etc... Don't put products into the Stocking Fillers Category if they are not stocking fillers. This will hurt your SEO because customers will leave with a bad experience.

Include search text with your product

People use search bars... A lot. If you are selling forks and knives as stocking fillers. Don't call your product "Cutlery set". Call it "Forks & Knives Cutlery set". Otherwise it won't show up in search. Customers who search are 3 times more likely to buy than customers who don't!

Deadline delivery date

Make sure to specify your latest delivery date to receive goods on time.

Oh, make sure to start early. The Christmas buying starts on November 1st.

Happy Holidays! The vouchOff Team