About vouchOff

Hello and welcome to vouchOff.

As the name suggests, we specialize in vouchers and discounts. In other words, we make products and services less costly. Come to us and you pay less. It’s that simple.

vouchOff was set up by Trevor Gilligan in 2015 with the goal of creating an ideal market place for unbeatable deals. We are a 100% Irish owned company and most of the businesses we serve are Irish. As we grow, more and more businesses come to us to sell their products online exclusively through vouchOff. If you are a small business, we offer you a place to sell, receive money and process orders swiftly and easily. Some people e.g. tradesmen, might think they have nothing to sell so why sell online? Well, everything has a price. You can sell your service through vouchOff and start making money straight away. Register today & you'll be selling in minutes.

For the buyer, we guarantee a genuine discount 24/7 from a broad range of retailers and businesses who offer products and services that are in demand. We are like the ultimate online shopping centre. Every day there is a sale at every store. But we are different in that we offer discounts not based on products but on location.

Since we began we have sold over €15,000 worth of products or services for Irish businesses. Our customers have saved, on average, 16%. Much of our business is with return customers. Why spend hours looking for discount codes that may not work when all you have to do is buy through us and get a guaranteed discount, always.

When you buy or sell through us you are guaranteed to make money. It’s our business. It’s what we do.