3 Tips to increase sales immediately

3 Simple Tips to increase your sales with us

  1. Give a proper title to the product you are selling. Be descriptive. Be specific. Don't blabber. Not too long & not too short. E.G. 2006 1.8 Litre Opel Astra 4WD. The title should be half a sentence in length.
  2. Upload a nice image. If you can a high quality image. Images with People, Food and animals tend to increase sales.
  3. Choose the right category. If your category is not available, contact us. We'll include it.

Bonus Tip

  • Include attributes with your product. E.g. If you sell red, green and blue socks, you don't need 3 products. Simply create a product "sock", then click attributes. Choose the attribute "colour" then the value "red" - hit save, then "blue", click save and again "green", then click save.
  • Your product is now available in 3 colours. You can also include separate images for each attribute as well as increasing or decreasing the price!
  • Apply to any product, sizes - small, medium, large... locations, fabric types, material type...

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