Did you know, 88% of people who use smartphones, use mobile retail apps. 51% of these, use the app while shopping in-store. 29% of these have used Apps in-store to redeem in-store discounts (Source: Apptentive Retail Mobile App Consumer Survey).

70% of under 35's search for promo codes online before buying (Business Insider).

68% of people use Apps in-store to redeem discounts, compare prices or earn reward points (Business Insider).

74% of US shoppers visit 2 or 3 nonretail websites before completing a purchase (Business Insider).

vouchOff for business

Our primary aim is to give SME’s a space where they can advertise and sell their wares, trouble free. If you are just starting out and you can’t afford an Online Ecommerce Shop or the maintenance that goes with it, come to us and we will take care of you. If you only have a small amount of products or services to sell and you don’t want to fork out on a web designer, come to us and we will take care of it for you. We’ll have your stall up and running in no time and we do it all for free.

These days an online presence is essential if you want to compete. Let us help you to make that leap. Sell through us and you will immediately reach thousands of potential buyers. Running your own website can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you are a small business. We will get you online and selling fast and without any hassles, and you don’t pay a cent.

Our discounts attract buyers but you get paid the full amount directly into your PayPal or Stripe account. Of course, we get our percentage - you give us discounts either up front or based on amount of money received or products sold.

For example, you might choose to give us a discount based on amount. Say, 10% off for every €1,000. When we sell €1,000 worth of products you give us 10% which is €100 worth of vouchers.

We give you, the merchant, more power over the selling process than our competitors. Here you can manage products, prices, discounts, loyalty points, referral rewards and more. It’s your shop. It’s your business. We totally respect that.

Some more things you might like to know about us:

  • vouchOff pays for all refunds requested by customers.
  • You can limit the use of your vouchers and discount codes e.g by stating 'Discount only applies to food' or 'Promotion does not apply to food'.

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